We tell your story.

We are Will Firth and James Llewelyn. 


Together we are Stage 3 Films, an independent production company based in London and the East of England. We have a combined 13 years of video experience and are now looking to add many more creating bespoke wedding videos.


We believe that your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to capture the essence of who you are, and we seek to reflect that in every aspect of production and editing. Images always tell the most powerful stories, so we let ours do the talking, from preparation right up to the first dance. Our videos focus on what makes each wedding unique, which always starts with the people involved.



It is always a privilege for us to be invited into such a special day, and it is a responsibility that we take seriously. At the same time, we stay attentive to the moments of character and humour that help make your wedding extra special.


We approach every shoot with fresh eyes, not seeing the similarities, but the distinctions. We tailor our approach to bring something new to the table every time. Our industry experience allows us to combine our skills to create beautiful, cinematic visuals that will stand the test of time.


If you’d like to find out more about us and what we can do for you, please get in touch.