We tell your story.

Our background is in fiction and documentary filmmaking, which means that we are always looking for the story and characters in any video. We don’t want your wedding video to merely document the day, but to help tell your story visually. Our aesthetic and thematic approach is tailored to every client we work with, ensuring that the visuals reflect who they are and what their story is.


In our 13 years of production experience, we have directed and shot dozens of short films, event videos and mini-documentaries for a variety of clients. In each instance we have sought to capture the unique aspects of every story, and create a finished product that everyone can be proud of. We take this same attention to detail into our wedding videography as well. 

As you’ll see from our pricing packages, each wedding film we create is customisable. As is our approach. We can be as unobtrusive as you desire — shooting (almost) unseen from the sidelines, or placing ourselves close to the action to capture every little detail. Each package includes two cameramen: James and Will. We work in tandem to make sure that no moment is missed due to logistical challenges.


In our two-camera setup, we use an array of industry equipment to pack as much production value as possible into every project — but only when it serves the story. We can utilise drone videography, 3-axis gimbal stabilisation and broadcast-quality visuals to make sure that your video best reflects your special day.


If you’d like to find out more about us, or talk through a possible booking, please get in contact. We’d love to hear from you.